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Tree bathing shinrin yoku

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

I want to capture this amazing feeling this beautiful super 3d sight before my eyes! maybe most people might not notice too much! I want to show you how I see the trees the light and depth of colour, all of the effects of weather and movement and the sheer captivating character of the lungs of our wonderful planet.

The branches wrap around me when I need them too! strong and full of life and deep earthy power, sometimes I need it sometimes I crave the fresh breath of these beings.

I suppose this is it! how do I get this deep feeling on to a canvas and create not just a visual reference but a piece of art that conveys the feeling and atmosphere of that moment.

This is my task as an artist, to allow the viewer to take this moment home and live with it, to give them joy and what they need at any given moment just as nature and beauty does for me.

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